In 2018, the estimated CBD (cannabidiol) usage rate among the adult population in the United States was 6%. This figure was estimated to increase to 35% by 2024. The increase in awareness of CBD is increasing the medicinal use of medical-grade CBD. However, the awareness demands full exposure of the use of this plant and the products derived from it to the masses.

When we explore the ways to consume CBD, the concept of CBD bioavailability comes into play. In simpler terms, CBD bioavailability refers to its absorption into the human body for optimal benefits.

For this emerging therapy, there are several ways discovered to administer CBD. Since it is an organic pain relief method, you might think if your pet can use it or not?

The most harmless method to introduce your pet to the CBD is to use THC free CBD product or with a least of 0.2% THC concentration level. It can be used sub-lingually for better absorption and benefit or can be added to pet food for oral consumption – these ways can be decided with your pet's preferences.

CBD and Human Body:

A human body produces molecules called endocannabinoids to keep the body's functions run smoothly. These endocannabinoids bind to different ECS receptors, either CB1 or CB2, to create different effects. CB1 receptors are connected to the central nervous whereas CB2 receptors are connected to the peripheral nervous system.

Cannabinoids perform different tasks in different tissues, especially intersection tissues of the human body, in order to maintain a stable internal environment of the body called homeostasis.

So, what is the relation between a body's ECS system and CBD? Well, researchers believe that the cannabinoids present in the Cannabis plant can increase endocannabinoid receptors, and as a result, it boosts the body's own ECS system. External aid to this system via consuming CBD with the most bioavailable option will prove to be beneficial for the human body. So, let us discuss some effective ways to take CBD and its bioavailability.

CBD Bioavailability – Sublingual:

The safest, fastest way of adding CBD into your bloodstream is by taking it sublingually. In this method, the concentrated tincture is absorbed through the soft palate under the tongue into the bloodstream and leaves long-lasting effects.

The research for CBD absorption is still going on, but it is also said that sublingual absorption increases up to 40% if warm salt water is swilled in the mouth prior to taking dosage to open capillaries under the tongue.

It is considered a preferable method of taking CBD by mouth than swallowing as cannabinoids get absorbed in the bloodstream through the mucosal membrane bypassing the liver processing and relieve pain, inflammation, anxiety in minutes. CBD oil is said to have sublingual bioavailability of up to 19%, with quick effects shown within 20 minutes.

As per 2020 research statistics, approximately 64% of CBD-infused tinctures/oils tested by the FDA in the United States in 2020 were discovered to contain an illegal amount of THC concentration. However, pet products contained 41% of the forbidden amount of THC concentrations.

Although CBD is not FDA approved, but for medical-grade tinctures, balms, pain creams, oils, etc., only 0.3% THC content is permissible for a product to be legal and potent. Entourage Full-Spectrum CBD sublingual tinctures, menthol pain lotions, and pain creams are packed with good Cannabinoids and terpenes and contain optimized levels of THC (0.3%), giving users maximum benefit without the high.

CBD Bioavailability – Oral:

Although oral ingestion through tablets, capsules, and gummies can be common, it is not the most effective method for CBD absorption in the body. On average, this delivery form offers bioavailability between 6-19%.

Cannabinoids are fat-soluble and not water-soluble. As a result, it is difficult for a human body to take full advantage of the components while taken in a capsule form. In addition to that, the enzymes and the digestive acids destroy a large percentage of CBD before it even reaches the bloodstream. The remaining part of the dosage has to go through the intestine, where it is metabolized by the liver. Thus, leaving a little portion of each dosage to be actually absorbed by the body.

The studies and the process of oral ingestion have concluded that the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream faster through sublingual administration than oral.

CBD Bioavailability – Inhalation:

There are several ways to consume the cannabinoids through inhalation like Vape, smoke, or Nebulize. Some studies say that it can offer bioavailability of up to 30%, but there are some disadvantages that weigh down the benefits.

CBD cigarettes are made up of unprocessed rich buds of Marijuana, which are wrapped in tobacco paper. Upon burning, they produce toxic by-products that can be detrimental to the lungs' health. As a result, it destroys the whole purpose of using CBD for its health benefits. However, the drawback of using low-quality wrapping papers is a whole new subject. Furthermore, many physicians have disliked the idea of smoking medicine and have rather advised to take it sublingually.

On the other hand, CBD inhaled through nebulizers in the form of mists is not the most practical method. They are commonly used in hospitals to treat patients with sensitive lungs.

CBD Bioavailability – Transdermal:

The transdermal delivery of CBD into the human body happens by placing adhesive patches on the target areas. Since the cannabinoids are fat-soluble, and most CBD Creams cannot be absorbed in human skin that is water-soluble. Our MEDGRADES CBD pain cream is made with DMSO, which is an antioxidant and opens pores in lipid membranes.

The topical, transdermal method is used for the targeted treatment of sore muscles or arthritis joints. In order to increase the absorption in that particular pain area, it is said to combine one-third of ethanol with CBD for maximum immersion.

Although CBD bioavailability through topical methods is not quantified yet, the transdermal technique is being adopted to treat target muscle pain by patients.

Summing it up:

As a matter of fact, CBD is not approved by FDA as yet, but the 2018 Farm Bill has referred to the plant as "industrial hemp" with THC levels of less than 0.3%. This plant's legality status is still under debate, but at least we have MEDGRADES products on the market with amazing health benefits and approved concentration levels.

While there are several studies still under-going to explore more benefits of CBD, in this article, we did our bit in order to aware people of its bioavailability in different forms. We also advise you to always consult your doctor for serious illness and issues, especially if you are on other medications; your doctor will tell you if there is a need for organic treatment in combination with your existing medications.

Since CBD is an organic product, there is no fixed method to calculate the efficacy; however, we can always figure out to maximize the benefits by checking out the bioavailability of different delivery methods.

If you are looking for the highest-quality CBD products for anxiety, pain, stress, inflammation, cramps, and a better night's sleep, try our most popular MEDGRADES 1000 CBD tincture. It comes in a Chocolate or Natural Flavor. If you are a first time customer, you can use coupon code "FIRST" at check out to receive a 10% discount.

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