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Entourage, Inc.

Announces Private Investor Opportunities

Unique investor opportunities for Community, Area or Regional participation in the CBD Sector currently exist with Entourage CBD Products.

Options include “Hands-On” as an Entourage Authorized Reseller, or passive participation as a Secured Lender who finances Dealer Inventories and/or Special Purchases.


Please contact Reseller Support in Minneapolis @ (855) 547-2237  for more details. We do all of the heavy lifting, but you get the chance to share in the cash flow opportunity during a period of dynamic market growth, even as other traditional investment sectors may become somewhat stagnant, with limited liquidity.

Also, we are working on a program which would allow you to move some 401K funds into your own ”eCBDfund’‘ for participating in Entourage CBD Distribution.  Think of it as a kind of Private CBD IRA.  While we are maybe 6 months away on that program’s initiation, you can currently carve out Distribution Financing deals for specific geographic communities or territories.  

Start small and grow with us..!

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T: 833-547-2237


T: 855-547-2237

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CBD Market is projected to be worth over $24 Billion in Sales within 4 Years.


Attention Investors..!  Vast Regions of our North American Entourage Holdings Distribution Channel are still available to Investors interested in participation in the CBD Sector. For more information, please click here.